Pricing & FAQ’s

What are your studio hours?

Our regular studio and appointment hours are from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Although available from 9-4 for portrait sessions, we recommend morning appointments as the best time to have your portrait done. This is the time that everyone tends to be fresh for the day and helps to avoid coming in with the “whole day” on one’s shoulders so to speak. With younger children under the age of 5, we require morning sessions.

I would like to decorate my home or office with a unique portrait, what are your designing suggestions?

Please also view our “Home Galleries” section to see some of the ways in which our clients have displayed our images in their homes.

What is the price of commissioning David McKay and Alice McKay for Portrait Artistry?

The photography session is $150 at our studio location.

Other location prices are based on time and travel. Examples of this might include Tahoe or the Ocean.

We ask that a Wall Portrait of 16×20 or larger is purchased of at least one image from a session. Other images purchased may be any size.

What is the investment cost of portraiture?

Prices are as follows and include complete retouching, artwork, digital manipulation and individualized attention to create a beautiful piece of art. All portraiture is printed using the very best available in papers and chemicals available today to insure that your prints are around for future generations to enjoy.

Your portraits will truly be more than just a photograph, but they will be pieces of art that you can be proud of hanging in your home or office. Smaller images are available after the purchase of your wall portrait.

Wall Portraits

40×60 (canvas only) $3300
30×40 (canvas only) $1950
24×30 (canvas only) $1650
20×24 canvas $1250
20×24 standard $950
16×20 canvas $890
16×20 standard $650

Desktop or Mantel Portraits

11×14 canvas $590
11×14 standard $390
8×10 $175 (from previously selected pose) $85
5×7 $150 (from previously selected pose) $75
8 wallets (available from previously selected pose only) $75

We also offer complete custom portrait “heirloom albums” at a special rate! We ask that a Wall Portrait of 16×20 or larger is purchased of at least one image from a session. Other images purchased may be any size.

Why do you require a wall portrait purchase of at least a 16×20 or larger and can we purchase individual smaller prints in the same amount as a wall portrait instead?

Today, families are choosing to preserve their heritage and commemorate their lifestyles in photographic portraits that serve as decorative focal points in their homes and offices. When portraiture is a primary design element, it makes the decor of any location you choose more personalized and cheerful, or even more dramatic. Our portraiture is photographed with this in mind and we believe that these sizes represent the smallest appropriate sizing for our work to be hung in a home or office as decor and still maintain the impact of the artwork being hung.

We go through great lengths to create your portraits sometimes spending hours on just one image to create the desired look we are intending. This is also the reason we have a minimum purchase as well as having a first print price and an additional print price. The first print price represents the artwork and re-touching involved in creating the print. Naturally, there is no artwork that goes into making another of the same pose and so the price is reduced.

Smaller images are available after the initial purchase of your wall portrait.

What type of clothing should be worn for our portrait session?

Clothing options vary depending on the style of the session being done. The majority of sessions we photograph are truly capturing the relationships of our families and children together. The goal is to direct the viewer’s eye to the faces and relational elements of the photograph. Therefore, we recommend simple,long-sleeved black clothing for our fine-art relational portrait subjects in the studio. For other portraiture, such as on location or environmental, we recommend simple, solid colors that blend well together. Avoid mixtures of light and dark tones together as this creates “visual confusion”.  Also, patterns in clothing  for the most part should be avoided. With careful planning and communication with us, we can be sure to create for you an artpiece that is reflective of who you and your family are.

How do you select your images from your portrait session?

We use a CD presentation on a 42″ Plasma monitor for you to make your selections. After your portrait session, we will set up a selection time for you. During this time, we can show all the images including cropping, black & white, color or sepia toned ways to have your image look. At this time we will also discuss all of the re-touching options for your portraits.

We allow plenty of time for making your selection in a relaxed atmosphere in our viewing gallery. There is no charge for the first viewing and we ask that you plan on making your decisions during this scheduled time. Additional viewing sessions are charged at the rate of $150 per viewing session scheduled. Please allow approximately an hour and a half to two hours for your viewing time as we do not want you to be rushed.

How long do your images last?

Our images are guaranteed for a lifetime of enjoyment.  We use only the best in printing available today! Your portraiture will be around for generations to come.